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Aug, 2019

Rush Select Centers Recap


The Rush Select program allows Rush players from different regions of the U.S. the opportunity to compete for a spot on a Regional Select team. This year is the first time Rush hosted Centers in four different regions, giving more players the chance to be seen by top level Rush coaches. The first Center was held just north of Denver in Thornton, CO (the Western Region), and just a few days later the Midwest (Chicago, IL), Northeast (Berkshire, MA), and Southern (Orlando, FL) Regions also hosted Centers, all of which were successful and fun events for players to be further exposed in the Rush Way Philosophy

What made each Center unique this year was the environment each region was able to offer. The size of the groups and the location made the experience uniquely different in each of the four regions, creating camaraderie among the players and a healthy source of pride from one region to another. 

For example, the Midwest trials were held at Olympic Park in Schaumburg, IL where over 300 players played four 11 v 11 games over the time span of three days. Having only met some of their full field teammates at the Center, the players had to adapt quickly and figure out how to play with new friends and teammates from other Rush clubs. 

However, the Northern Region Center, in Berkshire, MA gave players the experience of what a professional trial would be like, as the kids were housed in dorms, had scheduled classroom sessions and field sessions, and monitored meal times to learn about proper nutrition. This allowed players to get an experience they will never forget as they were able to live, breathe, and eat soccer the Rush Way. As they spent time on the fields, in the classroom, and in the cafeteria, coaches were able to see how players interacted with one another on and off the fields, which are all important parts of building the best squad. 

Much like the Western Region Center in Colorado, the Southern Region Center in Florida was run similarly with small sided games and full field scrimmages making up the bulk of the schedule. Players had to adapt to the Florida humidity while maintaining a high-level of competitive play throughout every session. 

The Select Program gives players a special pathway that no other youth club offers. The uniqueness of the Centers within Rush Select’s new format this year gives more opportunity for Rush players to come together at older ages (beyond Rush Fest) and experience a highly competitive environment. Selected players from each of the four regions will compete on Regional teams for some upcoming fall tournaments in their respective regions. From there, selected regional players will be brought together to compete on a National Select team over the course of the year ahead. 


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