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Rush Select Program

Program Overview

The Rush Select program is an international program in which Rush Soccer forms "all star teams" that are comprised of the top Rush players from all across the world.  The program starts from age U13 and is available through a players career with Rush Soccer ending at U19. These teams attend various events, both in the US and internationally on a yearly basis. The players get to see new ideas, play with top talent, learn from new coaches and develop as a player in a way most across the country can not.  The programs aim is to give the top players within Rush unique learning experiences that help them evolve as both a player and a person.

Programs Presentation

Rush Select FAQS


The Select program is like a national team program only better. Players and coaches from Rush clubs around the country hardly know each other’s names at the beginning of each event but by the time everyone departs, life-long bonds will have been forged and a new level of play will have been discovered. Players return to their home Rush clubs with a new understanding of the Rush Way Philosophy, our Rush Core Values, and an understanding of exactly what it means to be a part of the largest youth soccer organization in the world. 

How can my player make the Select team?

Players are scouted beginning at the Rush Fest with the U13 age group. We also take recommendations from each club’s Technical Director to form the pool of players for each age group. The U14 & U15 players will be scouted at the Centers to be selected for a regional team and then later a national team. U16-U18 players will be selected for a national first or second team. The pool of players is constantly evolving and players come and go as the team ages up. Making the Select team once does not mean a player will always be involved and players can be added to the pool at any time with a Technical Director or Scout recommendation. 

What are the Centers?

The Rush Select Centers are for the U14-U19 age groups. Rush Clubs are divided up into 4 regions in the United States; Northeast, Midwest, South, and West. Each region will host a Center event where players can attend for the Select staff to evaluate them. This gives the coaches a much better picture of the players and ensures that we select the very best players for each event.

Who is eligible to play for a Select Team?

Any Rush player between the ages of U13 and U18 who is in good standing with their home Rush club is eligible to be selected.

Who coaches the Select teams?

Top Rush coaches from around the country make up our coaching staff. We currently have coaches from more than 25 clubs around the nation on our staff.

What are the costs involved?

Costs vary depending on the event, but will usually be in the $400-$800 range. International trips will cost more due to airfare and length of trips, but fundraising opportunities will be provided to help offset costs for those events. There is also a limited budget for scholarships. We try to help as many players as we possibly can with our limited resources.

How to get in contact with the Select program?

Please email us at [email protected] with any other questions.


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