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Bayley - "Representing Rush at "The Hub" was a great experience for me. Being selected for Rush Select was a great honor and has been a goal of mine since I joined Rush a few years ago! I loved meeting new teammates and competing against some of the best players in the country. I was able to see where I stand and what I need to improve on to make myself a better soccer player."

Josh (Dad) - "We were very thankful when Bayley was selected to the Midwest Rush Select Team for "The Hub". She has worked very hard the past few years to achieve her goals and was nice to see her rewarded. What I liked most about "The Hub" is that it took Bayley out of her comfort zone, which I believe is critical for her development as a soccer player. We would recommend this to anyone who is fortunate to have the opportunity!"

PDT/Weston Cup

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Being able to travel with Rush Select on their international trips have been experiences that I’ll never forget.  I was able to see how passionate about the game players are at all levels, from the matches we played to the tours of the top professional academies.  Being challenged by such good teams on the field definitely brings out the best of our Rush core values like passion, tenacity, leadership, unity, and respect.  Bonding with teammates during the trips while getting to learn about another country’s history and culture was incredible, and I have made some relationships that I know will last a lifetime.  Thank you Rush Select, and go Rush!  - Anna Wheatley



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